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Bengalurean goes against the tide to register property without bribe

Reported on August 27, 2018 from Bangalore, Karnataka  ι Report #24

When Vyjayanthi said she was determined to do the registration the right way, the realtor asked the couple to look into the registration and paperwork themselves.

Registering a property and paying bribe has become synonymous in many parts of our country. So much so, that the bribe is now re-termed fancily as ‘facilitation fee’ and many think it is mandatory to shell this amount to get their house registered. While many don’t mind bribing to get their work done quickly, this Bengalurean set an example by not only refusing to grease palms but also going against the tide to get her home registered the right way.

Vyjayanthi Mala and her husband were asked to pay Rs 32,000 by their realtor, who said that the amount will be used to register their property at the Malur Sub Registrar office. However, Vyjayanthi felt something was fishy when she was told she won’t be given any receipts.

When she enquired with her builder, she was told that the money is “facilitation / processing fees” for people who are ‘helping’ move the papers. She was told that it is the usual "arrangement" between the sub-registrar office and the builders and Rs 32,000 was the "going rate" to register her new villa.

Vyjayanthi was smart enough to understand that amount without receipt is bribe. “We decided to not pay the nicely termed ‘bribe’ and told the realtor that we want to register the property without spending the amount,” she tells Team IPaidABribe.

The realtor informed Vyjayanthi about the vicious circle of bribery that exists in various sub registrar offices and why challenging it would attract unnecessary issues. Informing that they too are victims of this corrupt system, they said they pay off the amount so that registration is speedy and clients are not inconvenienced.

However for Vyjayanthi it was never about the money. “When we have spent huge amount of money on our home, spending Rs 32,000 is not a big thing. But we did not want to pay the amount, because it was simply not the right thing to do. I always believe to lead by example. Teaching principles to my children does not make sense, when I don’t follow them,” says the mother of two.

When Vyjayanthi said she was determined to do the registration the right way, the realtor asked the couple to look into the registration and paperwork themselves.

“We gladly took up that challenge. It was not easy. We were made to run from pillar to post. The otherwise 15 minute process took us 4 days of waiting at Malur Sub Registrar office,” she says.

Vyjayanthi says she was sent back many times to bring unnecessary paper work and she made it a point to promptly submit the same. Finally, she was told the Khata for the property was not even approved and not updated on the Kaveri online site by the Panchayat office. Hence, registering the property was not possible.

“I wonder how others were able to do registration of other properties in the same community without an approved Khata. Apparently, if you go through the ‘normal’ process, all these things would have been overlooked as the whole process would have taken just 15 minutes,” she says.

Though the process was exhausting, Vyjayanthi took it up as a learning opportunity. She put in a lot of effort to obtain the Khata and ensure that her property is registered without bribe. The realtors, who were observing her persistence, later joined her effort and helped her with the process.

Vyjayanthi shares her experience on IPaidABribe to inform others that registering property without bribe is not a “rocket science” and it’s possible. She also has a few tips to people who are set out to register properties in government offices the bribe-less way. Click to read and don’t forget to share your bribe experience on IPaidABribe.

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