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My Father died in an accident on 3rd of march 2019 . for insurance

Reported on May 17, 2019 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #206388

My Father died in an accident on 3rd of march 2019 . for insurance i have been vsitng sasoon hospital as his PM report but sasoon hospital employees arent giving me report they are saying according to law only police can take it. so i called police office subhash pawar of chalan police station on 3rd May for him to take report and give it to me & he said he will do it in 2 days . i said fine . then my exams started on 8th of may so i got buay in exams but on 13 i called him again and asked what is the status did you get the report he said no but i have sent aomebody today to take the report . i said ok
so after 2 days i called him again he said report is not there . i said how is it possible when i asked them (sasoon hospital ) they said report is ready so i went to pune again and asked agan if repot is there so people at sasoon said yes report is there . so i tried calling called him two times at the interval of 3 minutes he didnt respond . the i told this proble to my fathers colleague who called hm asd asked him about situation he (police) said no the report is not there i have visited twice. the colleague of my father called me again and i told hm the report is there he isnt going there to collect it . so he told me to go again and call him and if he doesnt pick the call call me i will call him. so next day i agan visiated sasoon hospital and called (police) but he didnt recieve my call So i called Colleague so he called him and then (police giy called me) this time i have asked PM report officer to talk to him he told him that this guy is coming from 5days and you are not liatening Come and take the report . police guy said ok i will collect tomorrow . now today u agin called him and asked about what happened abiut report he said i have some other work to do i will get it on monday and todat is (friday)

Do i need to pay him bribery or what i can do. because i have told him to bring report on 3rd may and now its 17 may .
what i should do?

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