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A 'kind' bribe

Posted on October 17, 2013

She went to closest police station in Dahisar to launch complaint and she was asked to pay rs 500.00 cash or bundle of A4 size printing paper and then only complaint will be accepted. 

What is a movie without a good twist? That which makes it different from others and makes one stand up in shock, wondering ‘how could this happen?!’ Well, our police officers are all in favour of these twists. While like a good old movie they did ask for a bribe to file an FIR, this one was slightly different – A4 Size printing papers. A helpless lady who had lost her purse and with it her ATM card and a lot of money was asked to get the papers as bribe to file an FIR.

And well like somebody said, ‘Next they will start demanding onions as bribes.’