Commodities covered under a Ration Card

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The following are covered:

  • At present, commodities covered under the TPDS are rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene. Commodities supplied at the fair price depots shall be as per the norms prescribed under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Rules.
  • Rice and wheat are supplied to BPL families at subsidised prices. After meeting the committed entitlement of the BPL cardholders and depending upon the availability of rice and wheat, APL cardholders will be sold rice and wheat at the scale and rates fixed from time to time.
  • Only BPL families are entitled to get sugar under the TPDS. APL families are not entitled to get sugar.
  • Kerosene is issued to ration cardholders subject to fulfilment of certain restrictions imposed by the State Government.
  • All the cardholders will be issued other essential commodities under the Public Distribution System as decided from time to time by the State Government at the scale and rates fixed by the Government.

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