How to get a Journalist Visa Extension in India

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Documents required for visa registration and visa extension:


  • Original valid Passport and Visa
  • Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled. (To be filled on computer terminals at this office)
  • Letter indicating the subject of journalism from concern news agencies, company
  • Four passport size photographs (4cm × 4cm with clear background ears, distinctly without spectacles, caps
  • Copies of passport (photo page) and (page indicating validity), bearing arrival stamp of Indian Immigration
  • Copy of Indian visa
  • Resident permit book available at office for Rs. 25/-
  • Letter from P.I.B or Ministry of External Affairs, (external publicity division) (XPR) section granting permission during time of extension
  • Proof of Residence i.e. copies of Electric bill/Telephone bill/Leave & Licence agreement
  • The copy of the intimation to the local Police Station, if the applicant is residing in private House/Flat in a Building/Society as a Tenant/ Paying Guest

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