How to Get a Tourist Visa Extension in India

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The requirements for tourist visa extension in India are as follows:


This visa is usually granted for the sole objective of sight-seeing, recreation, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc. This visa is non-extendable even in the case of Indian origin.  Those who are on 5/10 years ‘Tourist’ visa can stay in India only up to 180/ 90 days continuously (as per stipulated period).


However, following cases would be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi for extension and visa conversion –


(A) Tourist visa may be converted to ‘X’ visa if a foreigner who has come to India on ‘Tourist’ visa marries an Indian national during the validity of his/her Tourist visa. Such conversion would be considered subject to fulfillment of following conditions:


(i) Submission of a copy of a registered Marriage Certificate, and

(ii) Report from the concerned local Police station about their marital status which will inter-alia include his/her antecedents, confirmation about their living together and security clearance


(B) Tourist visa in case of minor children of Indian citizens or Persons of Indian Origin, who were otherwise entitled for ‘X’ visa but have entered India on Tourist visa, may also be converted to ‘X’ visa co-terminus with valid visa of either of their parents.


(C) Tourist visa of foreigners who fall ill after their entry into India rendering them unfit to travel and requiring specialized medical treatment can be converted to Medical visa if they are eligible for a grant of Medical visa and medical certificate is obtained from government/government recognized hospitals. In such cases, Tourist visa of attendant accompanying the foreigner (whose ‘Tourist’ visa is converted into Medical visa) can be converted into Medical Attendant [Med X] visa co-terminus with the Medical visa of the foreigner.                

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