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In Bulandhshr D.M. off n Police Off i'm being forced to pay each person

Reported on December 28, 2012 from Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #191

Since 5 years my correct case report had not been sent to state govt of u.p. after fighting lot for 4 years. since last 1 year i'm forced to pay at each level in Bulandshahr D.M. office, S.S.P.office, local police office.and Tehsil of Bulandshahr. Each n everyone is stopping report at his table as this time after using lots of influence and paying bribe, correct report is being sent. till date i've paid more than 10,000 Rs. and counting on. in my life i've been educated as honesty is the best policy but after trying lots, i've given up my hope n trust in govt.system. itss like going through a **********to me. but i have to pay them because i need my correct case report. which in real life is true.
but they need money to say whatever is true.
i wish every night that those B______ get killed anyhow. but a fairy dream.

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