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Car accident

Reported on September 13, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30819

The car which I was driving met with an accident near Dabuspet in Nelamangala Taluk on 8/8/10 at 9.30a.m. To book FIR the police at Dabuspet police station demanded Rs.200/- and another rs.100/- from me. For giving a certificate on injuries the doctor at the primary health centre demanded rs.400/- from me and later in the court on the day of the case at Nelamangala court to complete the case the police at dabuspet demanded rs. 500/- and I had to pay these amounts as I felt that without giving these people will not give me FIR copy. In the meantime they also asked me to get IME done though RTO and the RTO official of Nelamangala RTO took rs. 500/- from me to come to the accident spot and give he report

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