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Mandi police station passport verification constable took bribe

Reported on May 9, 2018 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #182333

My wife applied for passport reasons issue when police verification came for the previous address he visited the place and despite all the documents he asked for money when we gave 300 he flatly refused and told the file may not move hence paid 500 and the person was so rude that just because he was in his uniforms he got saved from my anger, that person from XXXX is notorious for exporting money from gullible public at the time of passport verification, being highly educated I feel angry and helpless at the apathy of our system towards the ordinary citizens, a mere constable can threaten a Wel educated person just because all the powers are practically wrestled with police in the former case and I am not hesitant to call police as the most corrupt, ruthless and inhuman government department whose only aim is to harass public they are like parasites.. I wonder why government cannot abolish this practice and make everything online so this bribe menace stop at once.

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