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  • 11 years ago

How not to pay a bribe

Reported on June 15, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31834

I am a practising CA and i have never paid a bribe. If you are willing to give all the details called for and do not opt to take the short cut, then you can avoid bribes.whenever the officer hints about a bribe ignore him and act dumb.Do not give an opening to him. of course your clients account has also to be above board.
For refunds, go to the greivance cell. It works wonders.Keep writing letters. You need patience and so does your client.
Once you pay a bribe then you will have to pay it always.
If someone asks you say openly that you dont pay bribes. Believe me very rarely do they harass you if you dont pay.
Above all maintain good relations wuith them.

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