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  • 8 years ago

Hi.. My brother was often called to police station. And the police…

Reported on January 22, 2014 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #39087

Hi.. My brother was often called to police station. And the police officer gave stupid readons to sign verification of address.. For 3 days my bro had to cut his college classes for this.. He s pend 5 to 6 hrsper day waiting forpolice person. Who would go to rounds saying him to wait. Passport was very important to my bro as he was placed in it firm for job. One day police man said to a address certificate from VAO OFFICER. AFTER struggling 2 days to get it. That police man did not even read it and kept aside. Finally he asked mybro how much cash u have. He said sir 300..who is wit u get from him, 200.total 500he took.. All this happened right inside police station. Andamazingly no one even verified house address. 500 didwork.. Every day people are forced to pay bribe for passport.. This will never stop. Actually they are supposed to check address but nowadays we are called to station.. Either u pay bribe or loose 5 6 days work or studies.. My great country. I still see police collecting bribe daily from road side eateries. Say if i can do something to stop this..

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