• I Paid A Bribe
  • 10 years ago


Reported on March 6, 2011 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #27700

I'm an Unemployed guy from a Middle class and a Bhramin caste. No wonder I've to specify my caste since i was being pointed out by it for an aged old reason that "Bhramins dominated over 150yrs ago".

My brother's doing his Masters in Dental, Since a scheme was announced by our Chief Minister that the "Interest" to be paid for the loan can be reduced to a reasonable percentage depending upon the family's income.

Thus I took the responsibility as my interviews were far off! My Father's a retired bank employee and Mother's still working in a bank. They filled the required forms and I submitted those successfully. Then, I was said that i ll be issued a token for which i spent around 2 weeks. By the time the Certificate was to be submitted in my Mum's office, Time was too short and it was delayed too much in the Revenue office. My mum and I came once again and a person X offered us that he'll do it for us charging 200 before getting certificate and the rest after the job is complete.

Since then I had went to that office over 50 times and I have not received a call or etc from that person. All he said was it is under processing. He specifically told that minting money is not a prob for a "Middle class fly and that too being a Bhramin"..

I felt totally outraged and didn't wish to react since it will spoil my entire career and I don't ve sufficient strength to fight against the govt since there's a huge debt for our fly!

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