Dr. Malati Das

Former IAS Officer & Chief Secretary
Planning & Statistics

Dr Malati Das has worked as an IAS officer in the state of Karnataka. She retired as Chief Secretary. As Additional Chief Secretary, Planning and Statistics, she developed the conceptual framework, and managed the preparation of the Karnataka Human Development Report 2005. As Secretary, Women and Child Development, she developed a gender action plan for the state known as the Karnataka Women's Development Plan. Dr. Das has worked with the World Bank as a consultant in Ethiopia, Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) Bangalore, and currently she is an advisor with Janaagraha

Dr. S.T. Ramesh

Former DG & IG, Karnataka

Dr S.T. Ramesh worked as an IPS officer in the state of Karnataka. He retired as the DGP of Karnataka in 2011. He was the Central Intelligence Office, Intelligence Bureau, Bangalore, Deputy IG CID, & IG Police Computer Wing & State Crime Record Bureau, where he digitized the crime record of Karnataka. He represented India for various overseas programs related to police & security, including the Atlanta Olympics, 1996. He has also received various accolades viz. the President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service – Independence Day 1995, President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service – Independence Day 2007
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Monthly Experts Q & A: Do we have enough police officers?

Reported on  October 12, 2017 from A Citizen

No. According to United Nations standards, there should be at least 225 police for every 100,000 people. But in India there are only 150 police officers for every

100,000 population. This is one of the lowest police to population ratios in the world. There are many vacancies which are not filled up. Although 22.6 lakh police personnel is the sanctioned strength there are  in fact only 17.2 service. That means there is a shortage of about 23.8%. But even that doesn't give the whole picture, because there are more police in big cities than in smaller ones. Many police officers are used in guarding a very small number of very important people. Administrative and traffic duties take up lots more police personnel so there are large short-falls in the numbers left on crime prevention, detection, and overall maintenance of law and order.

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Monthly expert Q & A: How many police stations are there in the country?

Reported on  October 12, 2017 from A Citizen

There are approximately 15555 police stations in the country. (Source BPR&D website)

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Hi,In case I have written any complaint on this forum and after few time I would like to delete the same then what would be the process. Kindly suggest.Best, Dilwar

Reported on  October 11, 2017 from Dilwar Singh Rawat

Hi, You can get in touch with Dheeman Ghosh , Senior Associate - IPaidABribe at . He will guide you regarding the same.

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I am buying second hand bike , which is register from Orissa state. sell has all docs including NOC. if I buy I need to change the ownership. what I need to do procedure?

Reported on  October 9, 2017 from Ramesh Naidu

The following link should be able to guide you, whichever place you are in India :

Replied by Dheeman Ghosh, Senior Associate, IPaidABribe on behalf of Dr Malati Das

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My DL expired in May 2015.I need to renew the same. Presently i reside in Bangalore,Karnakata. My DL issued from Jamshedpur,Jharkhand. Please suggest the process to get my DL renewed.Thanks in advance.

Reported on  October 5, 2017 from Joyjit chakraborty

Process of Changing Driving Licence Address:

If you are planning on changing your address on your DL, you would need a caste certificate and a income certificate issued by Tahsildar. Along with the caste certificate one has to submit other documents like duly-filled application form, address proof(like ration card, passport, voters ID, telephone bill, or water bill).

A caste certificate is a document that proves that one belongs to a particular caste, especially if a person belongs to a “scheduled castes”. If you do not have a caste certificate, you can collect the application forms that are available either online or from the local office in your city, town, or village.

Documents to Change of Address in Driving License Online

  • Clearance Certificate / No Objection Certificate
  • Form No. 7
  • Change of Address form
  • Post cover
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of current residential address

After you have gathered the aforementioned documents, you will be required to visit the RTO nearest to your home and meet an official at the Driving Licence section where a superintendent will verify all your documents and reveal how much money you will have to pay to make changes to your address in your driving licence. Once you get the details from the superintendent, you will be required to pay the fees. After you have paid the fee, you will receive a receipt at the fee counter after which you will be requested to furnish the file to the authorities and get an acknowledgement.


Replied by Dheeman Ghosh, Senior Associate, IPaidABribe on behalf of Dr Malati Das

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I am a Govt employee in a clerical work, if I see that there are malpractices how can I bring them into public.I dont think reporting to higher authority is of any use.

Reported on  October 3, 2017 from A known

Your assumption that reporting malpractices to higher authorities serves no practical purpose is not based on reality. There are many senior officers in Government who are prepared to initiate action against corrupt officials and redress citizens’ grievances I would recommend that you write your complaint giving all the relevant information and documentary and electronic evidence if any, and submit it to the appropriate authority. You can also approach the Lokayukta and the Anti Corruption Bureau of Karnataka with your complaints

  • 7 years ago

Dear Sir; One ASI (Police) harassed me for 7 months to get my inquiry done on a complaint filed me. He demanded money which I paid him twice and still he hasn't done his job. I reported this in writing to his superiors and I think his department is trying to save him. Can I get in trouble for reporting the bribe paid? Please advise! Best Regards

Reported on  September 28, 2017 from Raj S Mann

There is always a possibility of corrupt elements in the Police causing trouble to those who expose corruption. However, that should not deter citizens like you from exposing corruption. Please meet the concerned senior officer of or above the rank of Superintendent of Police and bring it to his notice including the fact that the corrupt officer is being saved.

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A Bengaluru based fraud real estate company has cheated 10K middle class people. The company promised to give Flat on reasonable price but neither he provided Flat nor refunded money. Owner of the company is habitual offender of cheating.The biggest fraudster awarded by IEDRA, welcomed by VIPs so people believes in him and invested in his company. We have written to KK Govt. to direct CBI probe but no response. What can we do?

Reported on  September 28, 2017 from Jawahar Singh

Under the Real Estate Regulation Act 2016 and Karnataka Rules 2017, the aggrieved parties can approach the Regulatory Authority for redressal of their grievances

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Respected Sir/Madam , I am a middle class Tamil retail sector employee facing lot of problem in the re-admission of my 13 year old son who severed his legs in an accident and was away from studies for almost 2 years. Now whichever school in Chennai I am approaching, they want extra bribe for him to get re-admitted, what should I do?

Reported on  September 28, 2017 from Ramanuj S

FOUND-Grievances can be addressed to:-

Public Information Officers

Sl. No.

Name/ Designation
Thiru./ Tmt./ Selvi.


STD Code

Phone No.



Under Secretary

Service & General matters of personnel coming under Tamil Nadu School Educational Service


2566 5391

School Education Department, Secretariat, Chennai-9

Appelate Authority


Deputy Secretary

All matters relating to Directorate of School Education



School Education Department, Secretariat, Chennai-9

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I am owner of a supermarket in Noida. I have many suppliers from local warehouses who come alongside good relations, but not without the ambit of bribing us when it comes to dealing with Purchase division. I have to establish an antibribery SOP for my employees and also train them. Since I see IPaidABribe is doing such great work in educating too, can you guide me on basic steps to carry this forward?

Reported on  September 28, 2017 from Ashish Mehta

Compiled by Dheeman Ghosh, Senior Associate- IPaidABribe

Dear Mr. Mehta,

You can go forward with the following steps in order to ensure an antibribery protocol for your company:

  1. Appoint a vigilance officer who looks into and reports activities for a period of time to understand such cases while handling transactions between suppliers
  2. Prepare and share a clear Whistleblower Policy and share among employees and suppliers
  3. Prepare and share a clear "No gifts" and "Anti bribery" policy laying down care principles of punishments related to fines and cancellation of contract with suppliers if found guilty
  4. Provide sufficient norms of Whisteblower protection with the compant
  5. Robust mechanism of employee awareness such as educational sessions on "saying no to bribes" handled by the HR department to bring in a culture of itnegrity among employees
  6. Include mechanisms to check bribery in the internal audit mechamisms of the company
  7. Put CCTV Cameras and signages cautioning people to not pay bribes in different strategic points of the premises wherever supplier-employee interaction is likely