Dr. Malati Das

Former IAS Officer & Chief Secretary
Planning & Statistics

Dr Malati Das has worked as an IAS officer in the state of Karnataka. She retired as Chief Secretary. As Additional Chief Secretary, Planning and Statistics, she developed the conceptual framework, and managed the preparation of the Karnataka Human Development Report 2005. As Secretary, Women and Child Development, she developed a gender action plan for the state known as the Karnataka Women's Development Plan. Dr. Das has worked with the World Bank as a consultant in Ethiopia, Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) Bangalore, and currently she is an advisor with Janaagraha

Dr. S.T. Ramesh

Former DG & IG, Karnataka

Dr S.T. Ramesh worked as an IPS officer in the state of Karnataka. He retired as the DGP of Karnataka in 2011. He was the Central Intelligence Office, Intelligence Bureau, Bangalore, Deputy IG CID, & IG Police Computer Wing & State Crime Record Bureau, where he digitized the crime record of Karnataka. He represented India for various overseas programs related to police & security, including the Atlanta Olympics, 1996. He has also received various accolades viz. the President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service – Independence Day 1995, President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service – Independence Day 2007
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What are the police supposed to do?- Monthly Question by our Expert

Reported on  April 29, 2017 from DR ST RAMESH

The police force has several duties: it must prevent and control crime and investigate it properly whenever it happens. It must also prepare an honest, evidence – based case for the prosecutor to present at court. The police force has a responsibility for maintaining overall law and order and for this purpose also gathers information about what is happening in and around the community it serves.

  • 7 years ago

Can a complaint against a police officer be registered in a different state? Can a case be filled for misconduct, abuse of power, violence, excessive use of force etc against a police officer outside his jurisdiction?

Reported on  April 25, 2017 from Akshay Kokala

1)  A criminal complaint shall be normally filed in the jurisdiction of the Police  Station (PS)where the crime occurs. In certain circumstances however, a complaint against any accused including a police officer may be filed in any part of India which would have to be transferred to the jurisdiction of the PS where the crime occurred for investigation.

2) If the acts listed by you namely, misconduct, abuse of power, violence  and excessive use of force constitute criminal offence under the Indian penal code or any n other law, yes a criminal case may be filed in any part of India. But the procedure explained at para 1 will have to be followed. 

3)If the misdemeanour listed by you does not constitute a criminal offence a petition may still be filed with a senior officer in the jurisdiction where it occurred for an enquiry and  taking disciplinary action depending on the evidence and outcome n of the enquiry. 

4)In the event the misdemeanour mentioned  by you has been committed by a police officer at a place other than the place of his  work, a petition may be filed with a senior officer in that jurisdiction who has to cause an enquiry into it and if allegations of misconduct are established prima facie, he shall send the entire records of the enquiry to the disciplinary authority at the place where the police officer is working for taking disciplinary action .

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Applying for trade license for clinic.The health inspector is asking for 15k for processing it.

Reported on  April 22, 2017 from Raghavan


As the health inspector is harassing you by asking for a bribe, you can make a written complaint to the Municipal Commissioner, the Lok Ayukta and the Anti Corruption Bureau.

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What is the difference between a cognizable crime and a non cognizable crime?

Reported on  April 21, 2017 from Kamlesh PR

One of the uniqueness of criminal law in India is the concept of Cognizable and non cognizable crime. Cognizable crimes are those where a police officer shall register a criminal case when a complaint is preferred to him. If the complaint discloses a non cognizable crime , a police officer has no power to register a case unless he takes the permission of the court to register and investigate the same.What are cog and non-cog crimes are listed in the schedule to the code of criminal procedure . 

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I am a 75 year old senior citizen. I recently purchased a small piece of agricultural land. I belong to the agriculturist family. I have fulfilled the conditions of Sec 79a/b and a legitimate owner of the land. However when I went to get my khatha/pahani transferred, I have been asked a whopping bribe of Rs. 50000 by the RI/VA at the taluk office. How can I get this done without paying any bribe?

Reported on  April 20, 2017 from Sudha BK

You do not mention the name of the village, taluk or district where the transaction took place. If you are in Karnataka, you apply online and the process of khatha transfer also takes place online  and there is no question of meeting officials to get your work done. You can complain to the Deputy Commissioner of the district regarding delay and harassment for a bribe. You can also make a written complaint to the Lok Ayukta and the Anti Corruption Bureau

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HI ,I passed my driving license test on 15/03 and got my license on 17/03(it took two days as its a smart card),My date of birth has been wrongly printed in the DL.Kindly let me know the procedure to change it

Reported on  March 20, 2017 from Kethrapal

Please refer to our "How-to's" section

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I have to go for property Registration on tomorrow at sub registrar- banaswadi, Builder is asking to keep 15000 in cash, to get the is from SBI and all property papers are correct.why I should pay 15k without receipt?Why the citizen charter pdf is not there at DD;s are on the name of shivaji nagar subregistrar , then why registeration process is happening at banaswadi sub registrar office?Please help.

Reported on  March 18, 2017 from Shyam Kishore Kushwaha

First, on no account should you pay the builder more than the actual cost of registration. You will find the Citizen’s Charter at:

You can access information about fees at

Banaswadi comes under the jurisdiction of the Shivajinagar registration district  :

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Whats the process of khata transfer, our owner didn't do that. whom can we approach for same, what would be the charges and how long would it take. Is there any office near by Kundalahalli gate. Also owner didn't share the EC/OC certificate to us, in that case can khata transfer be done?

Reported on  March 16, 2017 from Lata

Process of khata transfer: No clearly the EC is required for Khata transfer.

Kundanahalli Gate region is under ward no. 85 - Doddanekkundi for which jurisdictional BBMP office is BBMP Mahadevpura- Joint Commissioner, BBMP Mahadevpura Zone, White field main road, Bangalore – 560 048, Ph No : 080 28512301, which you can approach regarding your grievance.

Alternatively, you can visit the  BBMP Grievance page: , where you can file a complaint

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Is there any facility to file notice of intimation after 30 days, with some penalty?

Reported on  March 15, 2017 from George K S

Please send your query to

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I made an application online for an Encumbrance Certificate on 11th fFeb with Department of Registration in Tamil Nadu . Having seen no progress to he pending status I made a complaint a few days ago but no response till date. Will it be right on my part to seek the information through an RTI ? If not when should do it (timewise)

Reported on  March 11, 2017 from Dwarak Ethiraj

 Assuming you applied at the Sub Registrar’s office, you can complain to the District Registrar or file a complaint with  The Inspector General of Registration, No.100, Santhome High Road, Chennai 600 028.
Telephone: +91-44-24640160
FAX: +91-44-24642774 
E-mail :