How to File a Police Complaint in Bangalore

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A police complaint is filed when a police official has harassed you or violated your rights. Any individual can file a police complaint but this needs to be done responsibly and for legitimate reasons as the consequences are usually taken seriously.

Pre-process requirements:

If you have a complaint to file in any police station in India, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the police station within the jurisdiction of where you reside or from where the event took place.
  2. Meet the Station House Officer (SHO) and give your complaint orally or in a written form. If you give the complaint orally, the officer will convert it into a written form which you will need to sign.
  3. Make sure you keep a photocopy of the complaint after it is written.
  4. Necessary action will take place after filing the complaint. In case the police station you filed the complaint in is not a Jurisdictional Station then the complaint will be transferred to the Jurisdictional Police station and the required action will be taken.

Do remember

A police complaint is filed against police officials who show misconduct towards citizens. It is an individual’s right to file a police complaint if he/she feels that their rights were encroached upon.

Department /Organisation: Bangalore City Police

Contact below mentioned numbers:

Call any of these numbers for instant help related to police complaints or any other issue related to

  1. Police - 100 or 103.
  2. Makkala Sahayvani: 1098.
  3. Senior Citizens: 1090.
  4. Vanitha Sahayavani: 1091. 
  5. DG Control Room: 080-22211777.
  6. CID Control Room: 080-22094498.
  7. Commissioner of Police Control Room: 080-22250999.
  8. Toll free Helpline: 1800-4250-100.
  9. Location: Find the local Police Station for your jurisdiction on the map. Website: Bangalore City Police

Department /Organisation: Mumbai City Police

Contact Person:

  1. The Mumbai police to ease away the process of launching complaints, has started a website, where citizens at a click of a mouse can file complains about minor crimes.
  2. Mumbai police will very soon launch an online portal where complaints will be able lodge a First Information Report (FIR) by just an e-mail complaint. The complainants have to log on to the Maharashtra State Police online e-complaint registration at and select the district and police station from the drop-down list and then lodge the complaint. Complainants will have to provide their mobile numbers and e-mail IDs. They will receive a verification code via SMS to the mobile number, which needs to be filled in by the complainant for authenticating the complaint. The verification code will also help the complainants to track his complaint.
  3. Senior citizens may directly call 1090 to register themselves.

Police Control Room (Mumbai City):






Location: The website of Mumbai police also provides the maps of police stations from all the 13 zones including the Port zone.

Website: Mumbai City Police

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