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Bribe for Police Verification for Passport issue

Reported on December 24, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #226346

My passport had been initiated for Police Verification. I had received call from Jurisdictional Police station, i.e. Ramamurthy Nagar Police Station. They requested me to visit police station, which defeats the purpose of police verification. I had visited and provided all the relevant documents and answered the queries posted by the investigating officer. After completing and signing-off the required documents, the investigating officer insisted to pay fees. They requested to pay "Five Hundred" rupees. Fearing that they might provide a negative report that might lead to further hassles, i had to pay by cursing them.
This incident happened at Ramamurthy Nagar Police Station in Bangalore.

I am not sure why we need this unnecessary step if it doesn't solve the purpose of police visiting the home to make sure applicant is resident of the house or not.

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