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********** Chamki

Reported on August 30, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32691

It was August 29 @ 4:00 PM in the evening as I was driving the signal at the KSCA stadium junction suddenly turned red from green. I did not want to stop in the middle of the road and moved on towards Lavelle Road. Technically yes this is a violation and I have no issues. A traffic constable appeared and I pulled to the side and stopped. I told him Yes I have jumped the signal. The constable by name Krishnamurthy D, perhaps attached to the cubbon park police station said that the traffic fine for signal jumping is Rs 300 and shamelessly suggested that I can pay Rs. 100 to him and go. I asked him Rs 300 for what. I did not want to argue with him as the slightest resistance would have been manipulated as an obstruction of duty of a government servant. I produced my license and told him that he can note down my number and that I will pay the fine online. I was sure that I would not get a receipt for the Rs. 100 that I pay him and it will only go into his pocket to be shared with his reporting Traffic SI who was standing at a distance. I refused to bribe him and decided that I would rather pay the fine. How many of us do this. This is a typical scene, whenever there is a traffic violation by a four wheeler violates as the cop appears, the driver pulls out his wallet and hands over a Rs 100 note and drives away. The traffic cop does not work in isolation this is team work and the SI is the leader who directs these corrupt activities. I plan to report this incident to the DCP traffic east. The sad thing is that we do not get an acknowledgement to the e-mails that we send to the higher police authorities. I plan to check the updated online traffic violations website in the next couple of days. I will not be surprised if there are some additonal violations also recorded. Let us wait and See. Regards Peter Morris

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