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I will pay the fine. No thanks.

Reported on August 14, 2013 from Indore , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #35435

Last weekend in a train from Indore to Mumbai, the TTE asked for my ticket. I showed a text message from IRCTC and with it a laminated copy of my driving license. A copy, because I am paranoid about losing my wallet and the traffic police is normally content with the copy.
The TTE mentioned that the copy is not acceptable and referred to the rules listed on India's most hated website. He also told me that the flying squad is on board and will fine me.
I waited.
The flying squad probably took a different route. TTE appeared again, asked about the squad, and decided to fine me himself. He repeated the same things he had said earlier.
I was carrying my office identity card, so that i can directly reach office on Monday and avoid the nausea inducing traffic.
I asked if that will work. He said only if it is a government office "but show it anyway".
I did.
" main kya karte hain aap?" (What do you at ?)
"Engineer hoon" (I am an engineer)
"Abhi pichhle maheene liya maine". (I bought a last month)
I smiled and asked how much is the fine.
"Fare plus 250 penalty hota hai par... aap de do... apni khushi se, jitna bhi..." (The total fine is fare plus penalty of 250 rupees but... you give... whatever you feel like giving)
Two things came to my mind; ipaidabribe .com and the Global Business Principles booklet my company issued to all employees.
I paused.
I said I will pay the fine, then calculated the sum and took the money out. I also asked him how much fine will it be for the previous journey where the TTE allowed me to travel with copy of my ID proof with a fuss.
He paused.
"Rehne do. Aap achche aadmi ho. Lekin agli baar original identify proof leke chalna" (Let it be. You are a good guy. Next time you travel carry original identity proof)

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