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Need to take authentic action against criminals as nothing single action taken since 5 yrs

Reported on October 8, 2016 from Surat , Gujarat  ι Report #127398

Many people were cheated by abroad recruitment agency . They collect big amount from client and not not even single process and for not to complain to police they bind them by many trick. And yes they already know the out door from this cheating matter.
So I am the victims among them.
but I forget to give up this strong matter and fight against them.
I beg for my money to them and even request to their parents to understand them but they support them so now I went to take help to police but police are such stupid and uneducated they even don't know how to talk with poor people.
but one thing I realise if I suppose to give some amount than they register my complain suddenly but I have no money as I lost it in this matter.
I can't explain how I am feeling. Many time I loose hope to live. But by many rejection of my answer at all government servant even cp of surat and also DGP office gandhinagar I will be more strong against them.
And now even in court judges are not taking even interest to look and also I ask for why they not run the matter.
from last 5 years I present all the date but criminals are not randomly present and judges are not educating me for the same simple they give date nothing else.
so please advise me how I works and to whom I meet for the same so I will be the others educators.
help me.
case no 30/12
Mahidharpura police station
co.no 8401951234

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