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Reported on August 21, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #187535

Just now
Moto of Rajajinagar RTO - Honest citizens who follow process are meant to SUFFER and PUNISHED.
We had sent in application for converting our license (book format) to card and international driving license. We spent 2 days standing in queue for 5 hrs each day and got the message that HONESTY DOSNT WORK at RAJAJINAGAR RTO.if you pay BRIBE to the touts there and in turn obviously to the so called public servants "to RTO OFFICERS - govt aka public servats" your work will get done in minutes. If you follow process ,it will take 15 DAYS to just accept your application of book to card conversation,another 30DAYS to get you card license and another 30 DAYS for international license. Citizens who were standing in queue for hours are unheard, they are requesting , pleading to the official at window but are not even spoken to. The TOUTS have easy access to officialls,they pay BRIBE and getting work done. People took videos of the official taking bribe but the officials don't care. That's their job..com'on!
The so called public servant - ARTO of that station ,when asked and told about this..asks- who wants license? YOU. Follow the PROCESS . Fair we all should.when asked how touts are getting it done in minutes and his officialls are taking bribe...he chooses to ignore you and walk away.
Welcome to civilized elected democracy!! Where are so called TRANSPORT MINISTERS who promise GOOD AND FAIR governance !! Busy taking BRIBES ??

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