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Principal of DAV public school Koylanagar, Dhanbad taking bribe from poor people for afmission

Reported on December 25, 2016 from Dhanbad , Jharkhand  ι Report #142320

School -->DAV public schoolKoylanagar,Dhanbad
Principal-->K C Srivastav
Recently for admission in lower KG the principal is asking for 40,000and we tried to contact he dont say any thing and pass to some one who will ask for the money

2nd incidence---school is charging a good amount of monthly fee and every year they are asking for huge re-admission ,which is stopped in most of the school but the gentleman Principal cum zonal head is putting on parents to pay, dhanbad DC was aware of it and was helping but now he is supporting the principal
Here in dhanbad people nit earning a average salary and he need to pay rent, food living cost increased but not pay which is pushing then hard not to send kids to school where education must be given to everyone then only we can change India's future
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