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Service Tax officials demanding bribe openly

Reported on November 8, 2012 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #31153

I had to get a service tax code registration for a new business that i am starting with. I applied online with government website and registered my details. After taking a printout of same it has to be stamped by an superintendent officer after verification of documents. Hence i visited their office in Akurdi for the receipt of my Service Tax code and Certificate. To my utter surprise i found out that the the office of this rank were openly demanding bribe of Rs.500 to issue the certificate. They were very open about their demand and were just not concerned about law. It seems they were hand in glove with all the top level officers and had their patronage. this is really disgusting to see hapless citizens paying bribe . i stood with my stand and got my work done without paying any amount as i felt it would have been injustice to my fellow countrymen who are fighting against corruption. But i would really appreciate if we could forward this mail to an honest ACB officer and get these shameless people apprehended

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