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Showing partiality towards the person who paid the money

Reported on May 19, 2018 from Viluppuram , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #182846

On May 18th 2018,I went to a womens police station with my aunty to file a complaint against her husband in sandapet thirukovilor villupuram district of tamilnadu.There i saw three cameras fixed in the hall and one camera fixed inside the other room were computers and files were present.Opposite to the inspector room there was only one camera.I was happy that there is some transparency in the law and order.But after few minutes a "Person was six feet tall and had a photograph of DMK Leader stalin on his Ring".After few minutes he acted as a mediator between the people and police,he told the constable to file a complaint against some one after few minutes he went inside the inspector room and came outside along with the person who came to file a complaint,outside the station at the entrance next to the window were there is no camera and collected some money and went inside the inspector room and placed the money inside the inspector's cap.Inspector actted as iff she is not aware of anything .Then he saluted her and went out.
NAME OF THE OFFICER -Inspector Mangayakarasi
TIME-Around 2:30
LOCATION -Magalir Police station sandapet thirukovilor villupuram district tamilnadu.

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