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Ticket up-gradation while travelling in a sleeper coach

Reported on December 1, 2011 from Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #31413

I was going to Delhi from Saharanpur, I have decided to travel by Sleeper class as most of the seats were vacant but the real problem is if you will ask TTE for a seat then he will not allow you and say there is not vacant seat if you are not ready for offer him some thing..

But I just went and grabbed a seat then TTE came and asked me for the ticket and I showed him my general ticket and he said fine, I replied him Please upgrade then took my ticket and wrote some thing on the ticket and asked 50/- from me, I said I need a receipt for it, and he said there is no seats, I replied all seats are vacant. He said all are reserved and then I asked with for chart which showed that Seats are reserved from Delhi so I told him I just need to go till Delhi and please do it, Then he said you need to pay 80/- Rs , I said I am ok pls go ahead and I took a receipt from him and didn't paid *******

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