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Vat Registation at LVO120

Reported on October 21, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #130190

I applied VAT registration for the commerce business at LVO120 and inspector has visited the location and asked for 300 conveyance. Then I paid those amount and she asked to visit the office and can provide the VAT for grocery without CST. Later I went there, but was playing and introduced to here colleague about my shop. Then they discussed something and loudly she said him in kannada" nee helikodi" ( you can tell him).

Later I received one message that your application has processed and pay the deposit and professional tax over the phone. But the in website it shows it has been rejected. Below are the information, you can check online.
REF# 98602570
Date 31/08/2016

I realised that without agent nothing will not happen at the LVO 120. They are charging more than 10000 as a bribe. But i do not wanted to do any illegal way. I wanted to everything straight forward, so I could not able to start my eCommerce business as of now.

Please advise how can I do it legally.

Thank you,
9206934340/ 8904646067

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