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Verification Certificate for Mumbai University

Reported on November 23, 2015 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #83744

University takes 25 days for verification. In my case an application submitted on 7th October I got on 21st November.

The verification department is located in University Student Welfare building next to sydenham college in churchgate.
I dont know the name and designation of person but its easy to spot him.
He is the one who sits right in front of the door and accepts the fee and gives the receipt, bald guy with a stomach and sports a moustache.
While I asked him for the verification process he said that he can get my certificates verified faster at a charge, He does this to all students who are in a hurry for document verification and charges 1000 something per document.

I have seen him taking a student to the other room to pay him the speed money.

SNDT university, other colleges and Maharashtra boards taken less than 5 days for such process , there is no reason why Mumbai University should take a month to verify the documents. This red tape is just making such officers who know the internal mechanics of the system to use it to their advantage,.

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