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Antithesis awaited me!

Reported on October 20, 2012 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31170

I got a site allotted by the BDA in 1978. I paid the balance 75% of the amount for getting the transaction completed by way of a cheque. The dealing lady clerk put off issue by telling stories and not doing the work. (An oblique demand for Rs.200 was made, which I ignored). My efforts for progress by meeting the Section-head and others were stone walled. I then met Mr. *** *******, the Asst. Commissioner. He called for the clerk and the files. He was wonder struck to see the cheque issued by me almost 10 weeks back had not been even forwarded to the cash section. I complained that I had raised a loan to pay the amount.& the BDA would unnecessarily charge me the interest for the delay. He found out that the BDA would be levying Rs. 165 towards the delayed payment. He wrote on the file to recover Rs. 165 from the lady's salary and remit it to my a/c. He ordered her to pass on the cheque to the finance that day itself. His orders were followed. People may wonder in disbelief at such straight forward persons working in a corrupt organisation like the BDA. ******* *

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