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My first tryst @ Police Station

Reported on October 29, 2010 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #33267

It was my first time in the police station :P.Myself and my husband went for the police verificaiton for the house on rent. And frankly we went with the mindset that we have to pay the bribe to get the work done :( because that's how things work ! The concerned person wasn't there ,we were asked to wait while i observed the proceeding and the inside of a police station. The beautifully designed tiles,the clean place ,it was unlike what i had seen in the movies :P. Then the concerned person came ,Surprisingly he wasn't in the uniform .I stood there with my husband and the owner of the house as the person looked at the documents. He very rudely asked the name ,place etc etc..Owner uncle answered it and while answering he kept his hand on the table which was a bit shaky..for this the person rudely responded saying "Why cant you stand straight ,why do you have to keep your hands on the table!". I was taken aback. Anyways he then questioned my husband regardint his name ,native .My husband answered the same. I was waiting for my turn but he never asked me anything. He asked my husband who is going to stay with him and my husband pointed at me at said 'my wife " .. He signed the papers and gave it to us and said "you can go". we all waited for his next statement or an indication for the so called 'under the table' money but nothing like that happened. I was surprised again and had a big smile on my face as i came out of the police station *******

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