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Agents Asks for Bribes to get RPO Order for Walk in applicants for PCC.

Reported on January 19, 2016 from Dehradun , Uttarakhand  ι Report #89886

Dear Sir,

Due to low no of slots for PCC appointments at Dehradun Office obtaining the PCC is very difficult and is attracting bookies/agents to ask for bribes from applicants to get the PCC.

Current Scenario: Slots available for PCC are only 10 per day, the booking opens at 16:00PM and all slots for PCC are full within seconds, like the Tatkal ticket in Indian railways. I tried many days to book an appointment online by many ways like logging early, logging from cyber cafe for good speed etc. but failed. When I inquired at PSK about the no of visitors per day for PCC they said they hardly get 4-5 candidates. Now the question is how all the slots are filled within seconds when very few candidates are going for PCC.

The passport office website states that PCC can be entertained as walk in(without appointment) candidates but when you visit PSK they will ask for RPO order to allow PCC as walk in.

On visiting the RPO, the RPO will decline to provide his confirmation to walk in by saying that you need to try again next day to get an online appointment and the PSK is very busy handling the current load.

This is where the agent comes in picture, he can be found outside the RPO office and you can negotiate with him to get your work done. The charges as below:

Confirmed appointment for day after tomorrow: 500Rs
RPO confirmation for allow in Walk in for same day: 3000Rs

Outstation residents has no option other than to pay the agent and get the work done.

I have asked my other colleagues and they said that other states dosn't have this problem and they faced no issues while taking appointments online due to many slots available.

Solution: Request you to please highlight this matter to the Passport office and get the slots increased to at least 25 and check the false bookings done by agents to prevent genuine seekers from getting an appointment. I know this will increase the load on the PSK but to tackle this they can reduce the appointments for normal passport to 390 from current 395 as it takes only around 30min to provide a PCC against the lengthy process of passport. Also with the population growth and increase in no of job seeks outside India from Uttrakhand I think the slots should be increased to combat corruption.

I have changed the date to stay anonymous.


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