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Reported on September 26, 2010 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30642

Sir, this is to bring to your notice the unscrupulous & avaricious behaviour of ticket checkers of Chennai Central Railway Station. I was going on leave with 3 packets of luggage by AC-2 from New Alipurduar to Tirur in Kerala. My luggage exceeded the permissible limit of 50 Kg. Till reaching chennai there was no problem. Even at Howrah nobody questioned me for the extra luggage. From Chennai I had to board another train going to Kerala. On alighting from the Coromondal exp at Chennai, one Ticket Examiner came to me and asked for the ticket. I showed the ticket and was told that my luggage was heavy and I would have to pay for the extra luggage. I told him that I am soldier going on leave after a long break of 08 months. I even reminded him that I could carry 50 Kg in AC-2 tier. But he categorically stated that one can carry only 40 Kg in any class. He took my ticket and told me to wait near my next train. Later he came with one of his friends and asked for Rs.1000/- as bribe for letting me go free. At last I had to pay him Rs.500 and 01 bottle of whisky. This was indeed a great mental agony for me. You can just imagine how much would be their income from bribes compared to their monthly salary. I have almost travelled in all parts of the country during my 25 years of service with the Air Force. But this sort of snatching money from poor passengers I have seen only in chennai. Sir I would be much happy if you can do something to get rid of this evil.

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