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Bribe for an XRay

Reported on December 14, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #172274

I had developed a lower back pain, to confirm it wasn't a bone related the ortho doctor in Bowring Hospital prescribed me to take an XRay, the cost of the X-ray was 300 (billing process) but however the person in X ray department said if paid 200(bribe) he would give it to me today else he would make me come the next day again! Without a go I had to pay 200 as a bribe as I was suffering from acute backpain
Honestly don't know the name of the officer but he was really tall around 6'2 feet and fairly brown skinned this incident took place on November 15,2017 at around 5 . This is not only with me he does this with every single patient.

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