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Bribe for court seal in order- 150 for one seal in paper

Reported on April 16, 2019 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #203411

In family court, one person i have seen he was asking bribe for each and every work. If we fails to give he was very rude and asking to come next day and making them to come again and again. Based on criticality of the work which needs to be done he want us to give the bribe and very rude with womens. When i said i have less money he gave is number( 9840002150)and asked me to meet him next day, where order is very important and need it on same day he made me to go to atm around 7:30pm and provide him bribe. I have seen him getting from many.
Yesterday i gave him 150 for one seal where in he has put me in a situation to give that. Many times he has got this way from many.

Name: Alen Raj
Date: 15/4/2019
location: chennai family court, v addl court
Incident took place: in v addl court, family court chennai
Designation: OA (not sure of his designation)
His contact details: 9840002150

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