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Bribe for new car registration

Reported on February 11, 2020 from Patna , Bihar  ι Report #220205

With all the documents i had gone to Patna RTO 4th floor and asked about my new car registration to MUNNA and ASHOK at 4th floor to register my car they send me to 1st floor KAUSHAL where all the amount paid. i show them my documents they said that your documents are not OK. If you will help us then we will help you.
i asked how much i need to give in order to get my registration? they said approximately 15k , then i said i dont have that much.then they said ok give 10k everything will be hand hand to hand done immediately.
but i gave then 9K to Kaushal at 1st count .
Date:8 February 2020
time:12:15 about

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