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Bribe to give a true judgement

Reported on March 26, 2012 from Ludhiana , Punjab  ι Report #2066

A personal involved 5 of us in a false complaint that was to be investigated by the Vigilance Department Ludhiana. Department was threatening to arrest us on the basis of the complaint and without any solid grounds against any of us. We belong to a very decent families and were afraid of loosing our dignity in the society, to avoid the unnecessary arrest we had to talk to a guy which posed as a friend to the investigation officer. He demanded 25 Lakhs as a bribe amount. After negotiations we convinced him for 16 Lakhs and had to pay the amount as one single installment.

Even after receiving the bribe the officer in-charge didn't complete the investigation report before he was transferred to another station. The new officer in-charge again asked for bribe and we had to pay him 2 Lakhs to get the investigation completed and give the true and honest judgement based on the facts collected as part of the investigation.

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