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Bribe as per Law

Reported on May 26, 2012 from Kurukshetra , Haryana  ι Report #1735

Many telecom companies have been installed a no. of tower in different cities. Executive office of Muncipal Committee commonly demand bribe or gift from the company as well as owner of the property where the towers are being installed. If someone refuse there are no. of laws rules regulation as per ACT and submit legal notice to owner as well as companies.

Now the interesting matter is that against that legal notice owner has to move court as per law otherwise after summon notice arrest warrant will be issued by the court. after issuing of arrest warrant (i.e. non-bale-able) you have to move jail /prison.
against that summon Owner and company move to court and ask for bale as per the advise of lawyer for that there is requirement of Guarantor and one person known as "Nambardar" and one surety as per law.
"Nambardar":- (person who know the client from last three years very well and license are granted to these person by the government, They charge approximate Rs. 200/- to 500/- for per client and he can make surety about a terrorist also)
Surety :- a person's Guarantee of an amount that if the offender i.e.client or company in this case did not arrive in the court at the given date and time a penalty of surety amount has to paid by the surety provider.

After all these steps there is the verification of the document by the clerk of Judicial Magistrate and now the demands of illegal amount also has to be faced by the person who went to the court. (before that all the amount paid for the justice were fix by the law and government but this amount was not fix by the law or government and we can say it bribe) if the person did not fulfill the demand of this amount the clerk/ Reader of Magistrate can cancel all the document submitted by you and can ask you to wait for five hours in the corridor or if the amount is being shared by the Magistrate then you can also be punished by an uncertain amount of penalty in the charge of Misbehave in the court.

I have paid the bribe of Rs. 200/- to a clerk for the sake of my respect and harassment which I am already facing as I have ignore to pay the Bribe to Executive Officer of Municipal Committee. A person who earned his living i.e. 5000/- per month by a private job/or some Private Employment is much more rich as per Indian Government Statistical Record/Statement (person earning more than 29/- rs. per Day is not poor) can not dare to fight against the bribe. Today I feel if I had already pay the bribe to E.O. Executive Officer of Municipal Committee than I could escape from facing the three Legal Summon sent by Court. This is story of only one legal summon hope second summon will be easy for me to face.

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