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Bribe taken by railway policemen

Reported on December 22, 2018 from Agra , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #195109

I am the student of nit rourkela. we were coming from rourkela to our home. in between we have to change our train from agra cantt to jaipur then in agra cantt we took our general tickets but on that day exam was going on for that reason in general train there was no space even we couldn't put our foot inside the train so we sat in sleeper in side gallery we didn't take anyone's seat after two policemen came there and demanded for bribe of 500 and otherwise get out from here we didn't have any other options because we were already suffering from 36 hours travelling from rourkela to agra and we all feeling very tired that's why we have to give bribe.

Name: I don't know
date: 2 December 2018
time : 19:19
location of incident : exactly I don't know but 5 to 6 minutes after train started.

designation officers : one of the two is old about 50 year old and wears black coat and other one is about 30 year old and both I think both had gun on their belts.

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