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BWSSB Change of name in the Bill - sanjeevininagar ward

Reported on December 21, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #141493

This happened 2 months ago. The issue is still not resolved .The incident was came into light after my grandad's demise through his friend. My grand dad had paid INR6000/- to the person incharge of water supply in sanjeevininagar ward - Mr. Naveen - 9900355397. He has made him roam around bwssb office and has always absconded since 4 months though my grand dad had submitted all required documents . My grand dad passed away in October. Now, I somehow got his contact... Upon asking he promised he would do the work... He even agreed on the call that he took bribe of 6000/- (I've the voice recording of his call) .but he hasn't changed the name yet. Upon calling he always gives reason that he's busy outside n asks to call later. Seriously it's very disgusting to pay the bribe at first place n yet not getting the work done. These people should be sacked from there job n serious punishment should be given.

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