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We are doing some renovation work and were in need of transferring…

Reported on July 30, 2013 from Udumalaipettai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #35037

We are doing some renovation work and were in need of transferring our meter box. On day1 I went to the TNEB office, one guy came rushing to me asked me what he could do for me. I was totally surprised with this kind of approach from that staff of TNEB. Usually you know that government official’s behavior...they tend to behave as if they are spending their own money for us. But here it was totally different....that guy asked for the application which I brought and he kept a seal at the bottom and made the signature...He asked for hundred rupees, I asked him the reason and he said we usually get 100 for this signature..He was asking this standing in front of his table and lot of people surrounding him....He didn't even have bit of any hesitation to get it from me . I had only 500's and he didn't hesitate to get the change from his co-workers...which was actually a bribe...later I came to know that sign wasn't necessary at all. Again on that day I couldn't make to AE room as he was busy. Day 2 I went AE room got the signature from him. Bore man need to confirm the place that we are about to shift the meter. Took reading and asked for 650 as actual charges was 330. Line man asked 200

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