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Domestic to commercial conversion

Reported on August 19, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31032

The KEB office in Banashankari III stage (near Deve Gowda Petrol bunk) is full of corrupt people. We've applied for conversion of tariff from Domestic to Commercial. We even included a contractor (paid Rs.5,000) who promised us to get it through after paying the required bills. HOwever, after two months we were shocked to see the bill of Rs, 7000 plus. We paid the bill. Then, last week again there was a call saying that we still owe money to KEB. The clerk who calculated is now saying that he has mis calculated. We have to literally go and SHOUT in the office. The RO promised to give the conversion in one or two days. Still eagerly waiting. Full of corruption - feel helpless, angry. There is no place for honesty - evveryone tries to misguide and take advantage of situation.

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