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Fifteen Gallon RootGuard Heavy Duty Gopher Wire Baskets - Assorted Sizes

Reported on January 21, 2020 from Adoni , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #219470

The Fifteen Gallon RootGuard Heavy Duty Gopher-guard baskets are made of twenty-gauge, three-quarter-inch hex mesh, and the wire strands are hot-dipped galvanized prior to weaving. These are packaged flat for simple storage, generously sized to allow for root growth, top 3 inches painted green to blend into the landscape, can be removed at the end of the period for reuse the next year. Visit https://hardworkingproducts.com/rootguard-heavy-duty-gopher-wire-baskets-assorted-sizes-keep-gophers-away-for-6-10-years

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