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Frequent telephone disconnection for Rs50 /100 bribe (1 person Rs50, 2 person Rs100)

Reported on March 14, 2017 from Dindigul , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #157785

We had BSNL connection, since 1997. After 2014, Bribes in BSNL, is very high. Normally Rs50 need to be paid for BSNL telephone repair.
But a new lineman says "As long us, we have complaint here, we will not be transferred"
If we interpret in other way, "Lineman may be making frequent BSNL line disruptions, intentionally, to make money & also stay in a Telephone local branch"
From 7th Feb onwards, My complaint was not respected by BSNL completely, Sometime they say "Solved". After a day, Problem came alive again. But I raised complaint again & again, to solve this issue. Now 13th March. Internet worked with most of the time, with above normal distruptions, But okay. Telephone is not all working (My telephone set is working in a neighbour house)
I am planning to ask vigilance to catch lineman, tomorrow. Let us see
(Original complaint was for line noise, But complaint lead to line disconnection with internet ON)

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