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Dear Sir/Madam This is with high embarrassment and highly disgusting…

Reported on August 9, 2013 from Bhubaneswar , Orissa  ι Report #35262

Dear Sir/Madam

This is with high embarrassment and highly disgusting state of mind i am writing to you that it has been a hell of my life since i have applied for my passport at Regional Passport Service Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

I have been totally a subject of harassment by my local police station..i.e Airfield Police Station so as to complete my Physical Verification.I am currently working in Mumbai at a private firm for nearly 9 months.During my physical verification i was myself very well presented at the police station on 21/07/2013.I submitted everything to Passport Officer in Charge..Mr MANORANJAN PARIDA.As prescribed by the officer i submitted each and every document for verification from voter id to driving licence to matriculation certificate.Even my residential proof (i.e House Agreement Paper and Electricity bill).My all identification proof that i had given had my residential address same as given for passport application.I also signed in all necessary documents.

After checking every detail and verifying the documents Mr. Parida asked me about my professional life..i.e from my qualification detail to my job detail.I don't know whether it is mandatory that these questions were to be asked by an officer that to a police official!!.I told him that i am working in Mumbai in a private firm for 9 months.After listening this Mr.Parida unexpectedly told me that it will be difficult to issue the passport as you are staying in Mumbai outside of odisha.To my surprise he told me that you should have applied it in Mumbai.I was baffled by this kind of suggestion.I told him that my home town is Bhubaneswar and i am staying here only.But yes i am working there in Mumbai.But i have been coming to my home town within a period of 4 months.So how come i am an outsider.Have i become a citizen of Maharashtra just for working there for only 9 months??I was very surprised that being a Govt servant of odisha Mr.Parida was asking me to apply it in Mumbai.

Now if that was the case the passport officers those who cleared my application would have suggested me to do so.But they didn't.More to that i had applied for tatkal earlier but they had rejected as the rules didn't allow me to do so as i was a private firm employee outside of Odisha.Then i converted my tatkal application to normal.So every thing was clear and clean.But i didn't know that i would be facing such a humiliating situation at my Police station.

Now sensing some amiss i asked if something can be done.He told me that it would not be less than Rs 1000 for processing the application.Now i came to the cusp of the matter.Having no clue and no other way i gave Mr.Manoranjan Parida 200 rupees being illusive of its necessity and use.Being little bit of flummoxed in between a bribe and money laundering i begged him to clear my application and i left for the day.I also came back to Mumbai the next day with a hope that Mr Parida would process the application after geting Rs.200.But to no avail.When i contacted one of my friends to accompany the police station and get information about my Passport application i was shocked to hear from my friend that Mr.Parida had hold my application there in the police station and still was expecting more money to be given in the name of clearing it.Mr Parida narrated another story to my friend that he has to send this to Mumbai police station for verification as i am staying there.This time he asked my friend another Rs 300 to clear it.He told him that he can make it less to Rs.500 from Rs1000.With no other way i told my father to give Rs.300.I was very disheartened that being a citizen of Odisha i was facing such discrimination at my local police station.

After giving Rs 500 extra as bribe(In assumption) now that when i am checking my status it is saying that it has been processed from Airfield Police station to SP office under Khurda District.

Now i want to ask the top officials that if a common man is applying for passport does he/she need to through this kind ruthless behavior and harassment.Is bribe is the only solution to process the application..?? Because i am not ready to accept that the top rankers or even if the IICs of respected thanas are oblivious of this kind of insanity.I think it would have been better if i had told that i am a jobless person and everything would have been sorted out clearly.(Tentatively)

Or else if this is not the case then why the govt is keeping such corrupt and lethargic people who just take advantage of the innocence of common man and try to loath on him/her so much mental pressure that the victim itself goes into such traumatic and rigid situation that he/she has to succumb to the rude policies of the officials.

Please there need to be some amendments in such kind of disgraceful acts.

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