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Gujarat Excise officer asked for bribe for a NRI liquor permit

Reported on October 22, 2013 from Navsari , Gujarat  ι Report #36921

I went to Gujarat excise office to get a liquor permit. After paying Challan fee I went to have my permit stamped and signed by the officer in charge. There was a queue of all NRI in this office and as each applicant went into the office to get their permit stamped I was seeing they were forced to give money to the officer in charge. As my turn came the officer then told me that I had to give him 1500 INR on the spot or he will not sign my permit. As a stroke of luck I did have that money with me and felt so ashamed that i had to pay that bribe. However it was not just me who had to pay, in fact every person who had come in to the office to obtain a permit was asked to pay a bribe. At least 6-7 other applicants were in the office and they had all paid some money to this excise officer. This is very shocking especially in Narendra Modi's Gujarat. At least in the west we are never asked to pay these types of bribes by government officers.

Officers name who asked me to pay the bribe is Mr Vesawa. And he works in Gujarat Customs and Excise office in Navsari city (Gujarat). Please can this be reported. I will stay anonymous for security as safety reasons.

This type of corruption is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. It taints the image of India and goes to prove it is a corrupt to the core nation.

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