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Reported on February 18, 2019 from Abhayapuri , Assam  ι Report #198995


Mix Two Heaping scoops of ON serious mass to a blender filled with 24 oz of water.
2. Blend for 50 to 60 second.

3. Add a couple of ice cubes, if desired.

4. Blend for another 40 to 50 second.

You can enhance the test by adding low fat or no fat milk with 2 scoops of ON serious mass gain.

ON Serious Mass Preferable Time:
Post workout:- Start drinking 1 serving of ON Serious mass gain about 30 to 45 minutes after a heavy workout.

Between meal:- To support a high-calorie diet and maintain nitrogen balance, Drink 1/2–1 serving of Serious mass gain between meals is the best way to use this nutrition.

Before bed:- Drink 1/2 serving ON Serious mass about 1 hr before bed to provide high nutrients to recovering muscle throughout the night.


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