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I paid bribe of Rs.3000 just to add an address

Reported on October 25, 2013 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #36974


I have paid Rs.3000/- to person working in DGFT office in Mumbai named as Mr. Nandu Khote.
I wanted to add to add our cold store address in my IEC certificate. Shameless thing in this is that- Fees for the same is Rs.1000/- and bribe they are asking from the range from Rs.3000/- to 7000/- to pay across department vertices. This bribe is seperate than the one I have already paid for getting initial licence of IEC. That time also Rs.3000/- I had to paid.
Pathetic....these people shall be supended.....if any one can help me to report the same through any one to concern person to their department, I shall name this person infront of inquiry officer.

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