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Misusing of power and traping people in false case to make money

Reported on October 13, 2020 from Siwan , Bihar  ι Report #225192

This incident took on 12.10.2020 at around 4pm in nautan thana jurisdiction. A business deiver after offloading his pick up and was returning to his native place thawe.He received one lakh cash for goods he offloaded in a shop in nautan.Nautan thana incharge abhinav captured the vehicle while and warn to trap in false liquor case and seize the cash in order to take some bribe.After lots of negotiation ;he agreed to free the vehicle and driver after taking Rs 15000.I hope someone coonected to anti corruption department will trap this corrupt official just like he trap innocent people in false case.
1.Nautan thana sho abhinav and his corrupt subordinate officer

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