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Officer is asking for bribe for pension processing

Reported on May 12, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #163559

Treasury office, KR Circle, Bangalore

My mother retired (Primary school teacher) in the year 2016. However, till today (May 2017) she has not received a single penny of pension amount. However, we got a letter from treasury office saying PPA id is not transferred. So, we went to the Bangalore treasury office KR Circle and the officer (Rajashekar Tumkur correspondent) said that if we give him 2000 rupees he will process the file immediately else he said pension file again take another year or so. It is really an ugly situation if a government servant will ask the bribe from the retired senior residents.

Had a bad day and not sure who do we need to curse for this. This is the fate of the residents of India to tolerate from these people.

I know this is not only happening with us, But there are many innocent senior residents who are constantly travelling to these government offices to get their small pension amount.

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