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Paid a bribe for obtaining my original marksheets and certificate

Reported on August 29, 2020 from Patna , Bihar  ι Report #224232

It happened approx 15 years ago, so don't remember the exact dates (date mentioned above is indicative only) and the name of the staff. I studied Intermediate of Science from Science college, Patna, probably the most prestigious college in Bihar. I visited the college admin building several times for getting my original marksheet, certificate and college leaving certificate but the clerk at the counter always asked me to come later as all the staffs are busy in exams. sometimes in admissions and bla bla....He was not even asking for any bribe. He just used to tell me to come later. I was frustrated and tired of expenses and travel from Chapra to Patna. One of my friends suggested to keep some money in hand while talking to the college staff next time. This worked like magic, This time clerk asked me to wait there for some time.. I kept waiting and watcching him for one and half hour while he was having tea, chewing 'Paan'. I slowly went to him again and said 'Sir', he told 'kitna hai (How much)?' I told 200 and he said 'Itne me to chai bhi nahi aata hai, aisa karo ki kuchh mithai ho sake (it's not enough for even tea)'. I made it 300 and it was all done in next 15 minutes.
All the sufferings and thousands of rupees for travel expenses... just for this Rs300 bribe.. they don't even say it bribe, they say it 'chai paani/mithaai ka kharcha'.

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