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Paid a Bribe of Rs 300 for RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE

Reported on July 3, 2016 from Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #109504

Sir i have requested for my niwas praman patr 16200020067200 the concent officer visited my house for verification,,, but there is a twist in that he asked for 500 rupees for document verification (as bribe).... his name was RAMAUTAR YADAV ....


I had applied for a residence certificate and after about 7 days, I got a call on 02-july-2016 from bareilly concernt officer for verification of my identity . he visited my house for varification

i gave him the required document for verification. After looking at my documents he asked me to pay him Rs 500. I asked him why was he asking me for money and told him that I had all the required documents in place for him to complete the process. His tone suddenly changed and he said 'if I don't sign, then you won't get your residence certificate '.

I told him that I didn't have Rs 500 to pay him. In a very angry tone he asked me to show my wallet and how much money I had. I had only Rs 300 with me. He asked me to give that to him, which I did. . I got my residence certificate but the process left a bad taste for me. I was taken aback by the officer's attitude and I request action to be taken against him.

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