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A senior TTE named C S Kumar, harassed us too much and threatened…

Reported on August 21, 2013 from Hubli , Karnataka  ι Report #35570

A senior TTE named C S Kumar, harassed us too much and threatened us to get us arrested by the RPF just because he told us to produce the ID card for all the 6 members travelling and we produced him 2 original ID cards.

this happened when we boarded train no. 16590 on 18th Aug 2013, in LONDA JN and we were travelling till Bangalore City Jn with PNR no. 8436475658

the railway rules clearly states that any one of the passengers travelling in the ticket should produce his original ID. but the TTE accused the other 4 passengers who failed to produce the ID card that they are not the passengers whose name is in the chart and we have committed a crime of TRANSFER of ticket and now he is going to seize the ticket and allot all our seats to other waiting list passengers.

inspite of repeated request till HUBLI JN , Senior TTE C S KUMAR did not heed to us.

and then he finally showed his real face.
he demanded money (bribe).
we had no other option but to pay Rs 250 as a bribe to him.
Senior TTE C S KUMAR then left the train at HUBLI JN thereby handing over the chart to the other TTE.

I request railway officials to take action against him and make sure he is not going to repeat this mistake and please train your TTE's not to act so cheap for the sake of money.
and that too C S Kumar, was a senior TTE.
A senior TTE deserves some respect and he should act accordingly instead of playing these cheap tricks and harassing the passengers

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